Our Trailer

Frame of trailer being flipped over onto the wheels

Best Built Trailers in Thomson, GA built our trailer from the wheels up. Here is the base frame complete; with two 7K lb axles to hold the beast. Frame is being flipped over onto the wheels.

The table for the wood-fired oven is done. I mixed & poured vermiculite concrete for a thermal barrier. It is VERY light! I could pick up one side of the table - concrete & all.

Three walls are framed in - finally. Table is sitting in the back of the trailer, but will be taken out to put in the floor before the oven is built on it.

Skin is on (at least on part of) the trailer. One of our fridges is in but not bolted down, yet. Workin' on it!!!!

Vending window is in, along with the pop up serving shelf.

Installed 2 layers of hard ceramic fiber insulation on the vermiculite concrete. Then put in the first piece; the oven opening. This one piece is over 400 pounds! She's a beaut, Clark!!!

Building this beast was very tiring, but really really fun. Had to support the leaves as I put them in, and use some creative manipulation to get these 200+ pound pieces tight enough but not too tight (for heat expansion).

The puzzle is coming together!

Last piece of the oven is in place

Cemented the seams .

Cross strapped the oven in & bolted it through the floor for support.

Bricking in the oven arch with antique brick (from approx. 1800s thanks to theBrick Yard in South Augusta).

Added another set of tie-down straps and finished the brick arch, but need a replacement floor tile from Forno Bravo (the first replacement was the wrong size). Hoping to bring the trailer home tomorrow!

Wall frame up around the oven. Just have to skin it and we're done.

Brought it home laaate yesterday. Now it's a whiteboard in more ways than one. These are my new offices: the Base of Operations (BoO) and the mobile Gusta. It's moving now!

Trenched & installed water to the BoO.

Mitchell helping out with the trencher.

Fired up the oven (12/21)!!! Just a small fire for about 4 or 5 hours to start chasing away a little moisture before putting on the insulation & stucco. I'm gonna enjoy doing this!!! Love building a fire.

Installed ceramic fiber batting insulation - 4-inches thick on the sides, and 6-inches on top. Should be a great heat sink. Next steps... SS lathe & stucco. Unfortunately, forecast calls for freezing weather for a $%#@! week. So no stucco until it warms up a bit. Learning patience. Just wish I could learn faster.

Got some help today!!! Not only with the weather finally warming up, but got (most of) my boys working on the trailer. Michael, Mitchell & Andrew helped me install the lath. Tomorrow we'll put on the base coat of stucco. Looking forward to it!!

Slowly but slowly, it's coming together. May not look purdy, but I like it! Thank you Lord for GREAT weather!!!